Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tux is from Tulsa's "Penguins on Parade." The project was a celebration of the zoo's 75th anniversary and opening of its new penguin exhibit. Tux was painted by Majorie Atwood.  Atwood has worked as an artist for 15 years with extensive study in New York and San Francisco.
Cleveland, Ohio 

Rocky is from Cleveland's art project "Guitar-Mania." The artist, Lamar Sorrento, is a well-known and highly regarded "outsider artist" whose works are collected by the Rolling Stones and many other well-known celebrities. One of his paintings of Hank Williams was part of a compilation album that won a Grammy Award for Best Album Art in 2000.

Main Street Parking has assembled a collection of street art from across the country.  Each piece has its own story and passers-by often take photographs with their favorite.

Sidewalk Museum

Red Bandana
Cheyenne, Wyoming

Red Bandana is from Cheyenne's art project "These boots are Made for Talking."  Thanks to the successful fundraiser, the museum is debt-free for the first time in 15 years.  It was painted by the Cheyenne artist, Karen Buck.

Shawnee, Oklahoma

The Shawnee Centennial Parade is from Shawnee's art project, "Horse in the City."  The public art project was initiated to coincide with Shawnee's centennial celebration.  This horse was painted by Sheryl Cozad of Norman, Okla. and is dedicated to the Rainbolt family.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Patches, the Crazy Quilt Buffalo, is from Oklahoma City's public art project "Spirit of the Buffalo."  The project coincided with the State's centennial celebration in 2007.  Patches was painted by Oklahoma City artist, Clint Stone. 
Waco, Texas 

Harvey-Dacow is from Waco's art project, "Wacow - A Mooving Experience."  Her name came from her company sponsor, Harvey-Daco, a local marketing company.  The artist is Helen Kwaitkowski.